More than just manufacturing of plastic products.

We are proud to introduce a product which will, with its innovativeness, change the world of sealants.

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Family and business side by side for 20 years.

Our company was born in 1995. Even then we were aware that following common denominators, such as staying in touch with the development of injection molding of thermoplastics technologies, expanding knowledge regarding new materials and family values such as open communication, trust and striving to do ones best, are what will ensure our customers and business partners to receive more than top-quality products made of plastics. We proudly stand shoulder to shoulder with recognized companies from our industry: both at home and abroad.

When the word plastics means more than a top-quality product.

The satisfaction of our customers is our number one priority, and this is the reason our business strategy is based upon the constant upgrading of knowledge, quality control and respecting agreed deadlines. We are pleased to successfully work with domestic companies and our ability to deliver semi-finished products for their finished premium ones.

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