About us

SMS Strašnik

We are Simona and Marko Strašnik. We have been married for over two decades and have had our company for about the same amount of time. We have always known and shared goals for our joint business adventure: knowing and getting to know new technologies of injecting thermoplastics, new materials, and looking for innovative ways of implementing ideas which would bring the most value for our customers.

Our marriage and family are most definitely intertwined with the business world: our family values are based on respect, searching for new challenges, beauty and keeping the communication open. We are extremely lucky to be able to say that our services are set in such a manner that our customers see us as business partners who respect deadlines, always upgrade their knowledge and as someone who is well aware of their nature of business, as well as performs high quality work. We are proud to work with various Slovene companies to deliver them semi-finished products for their finished ones.